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A Premiere Drug and Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program in Maryland.

The Freedom Center is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that treats individuals with various addiction types by offering a flexible and affordable solution while minimizing the disruption of daily life. We understand that an intensive outpatient setting may be a good fit for those who have school, work, or family responsibilities

Our IOP allows clients to live in an exclusive sober living environment, or at home with a positive support system. At The Freedom Center, clients receive therapy while continuing their daily life activities. Our goal is to treat all of the underlying causes of addiction including trauma and mental health issues. The Freedom Center offers a clinically-driven treatment model based on an individualized approach that focuses on the treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.



Why Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Works

Here at The Freedom Center, we offer a completely customized treatment plan designed to meet a client’s individual and unique needs. The intensive outpatient program is composed of multiple group sessions, at least one weekly individual session with a Master’s Level primary therapist, psychiatrist sessions, and family sessions.

We conveniently offer afternoon and evening programs to meet each client’s personal schedules. Included within the IOP treatment program are several specialized therapy and counseling avenues designed to support the primary treatment program. The Freedom Center program is administered by a multi-disciplinary team of addiction and mental health professionals and is available Monday through Friday.


Drug Addiction Treatment

In the past, addiction was viewed as a moral failing or a sign of a weakness. Today, society has begun to realize that drug addiction is a devastating, chronic brain disease. Each year, millions of Americans try drugs like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or heroin for the first time, and a disturbing percentage of these people will be unable to stop without help.


What are they saying?

Prevalence of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in America

Approximately 20.1 million Americans over the age of 12 struggle with addiction in 2016. Anyone can be affected, and this issue can hit reasonably close to home.

64,000 deaths from drug overdoses.

As drug and alcohol addiction rates rise, so do overdose rates. Substance abuse can overwhelm your body and mind, leading to serious consequences, like coma or death.

2,089 overdose deaths were reported in Maryland.

The number of drug and alcohol-related overdose deaths in Maryland reached an all-time high in 2016. This was a 66% increase from 2015, which only saw 1,259 overdose deaths.

Montgomery County reported 102 overdose deaths.

Overdose death rates in Montgomery have also seen a 32% increase. Heroin was found in 48 cases.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Despite its legality in the United States, irresponsible use of alcohol still has the potential to lead to alcohol abuse. If a person experiences cravings for alcohol and cannot stop consuming it, they are likely experiencing alcohol addiction, otherwise known as alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a medical disorder. Fortunately, drug addiction rehab is proven to treat it effectively, and The Freedom Center can help now.


What Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment Look Like

At The Freedom Center, clients will have the opportunity to develop skills to support healthy, successful, and sober lives. We assess skills and abilities and customize various coaching services for individuals.

Clients are supported in achieving academic and vocational success, time management, and organization skills. If it’s assisting with job searching, or regaining an already established career, we will develop a treatment plan that will work around your life goal while adding sobriety to that list of goals.

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