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The Benefits of Professional Addiction Treatment

There are drug and alcohol treatment programs available near College Park, MD. These programs can offer varying levels of intensity, and different approaches to addiction treatment.

Regardless of the specifics of a College Park rehab program, there are some general advantages to these types of addiction treatment. Benefits of outpatient rehab include:

  • There is a high degree of flexibility that comes with participation in an outpatient rehab
  • Outpatient rehab allows participants to continue to going to school or work and meeting family and daily commitments
  • Outpatient addiction treatment allows people to maintain a sense of support from family and loved ones

Outpatient rehab can be something people participate in on its own as part of a treatment plan, or it can be a transitional step following treatment in an inpatient rehab center.

Directions From College Park to Our Treatment Facility

The Freedom Center is an addiction treatment center located in Gaithersburg, MD. We are located near College Park, MD.

  • The Freedom Center is around 25 miles from College Park
  • The drive from College Park to The Freedom Center would be around 40 minutes, depending on traffic

The Freedom Center is reachable from College Park, MD via MD-200 E or 1-270 S and 1-495 E.

Contact Us for Specialized Addiction Treatment

If you’re struggling with substance abuse, whether it’s drugs, alcohol or both, we encourage you to contact our staff today. We offer very specialized and individualized substance abuse treatment programs on a convenient but effective outpatient basis.

Our programs meet certain criteria set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine for intensive outpatient addiction treatment services.

We Accept Most Types of Insurance

When someone feels as if they’re struggling with substance abuse and addiction, they may be resistant to receive treatment for different reasons. One of those reasons can be the cost of treatment. An advantage of outpatient rehab is that it’s less expensive than an inpatient program.

At The Freedom Center, we also accept many popular insurance plans. Our staff can determine the type of coverage you have and how it will apply to substance abuse treatment.

Types of Rehab


One of the factors that differentiate outpatient rehab programs is the intensity level. The following are some of the primary types of outpatient rehab.

Day Treatment

A day treatment program is the most intensive form of outpatient rehab. In many ways, a day treatment program is more similar to inpatient rehab than to traditional outpatient rehab, but participants don’t have to spend the night at the treatment center.

Day treatment requires a time commitment of most of the day, and it’s held most days of the week.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program is an option that can be beneficial for people at different places in their recovery journey. An intensive outpatient program begins with an assessment to determine an individualized treatment plan. A customized treatment plan should address a person’s substance abuse, but also any trauma or co-occurring mental health disorders that may be related to their addiction.

Intensive outpatient programs include clinical treatment such as group and therapy sessions, as well as medical and psychiatric care when needed. An intensive outpatient program might also include vocational and life skills, and peer support.

Continuing Care/Aftercare

A continuing care program is one that can come in many different forms. Participation in a support or recovery group such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the most popular types of continuing care, but others are available as well. For a lot of people, participation in a continuing care program is ongoing over the long-term.

Alcohol Rehab


Outpatient alcohol rehab serves as a way for participants not just to stop drinking, but receive the care and support they need to thrive in all areas of their life.

An outpatient alcohol rehab program could be a good fit for someone who:

  • Has a mild alcohol addiction
  • Isn’t simultaneously addicted to other substances outside of alcohol
  • Is unable to leave family or daily life commitments for treatment

Drug Rehab

An outpatient drug rehab program combines group and individual counseling and clinical care. It’s a good early intervention option for someone who hasn’t been addicted to drugs very long. Outpatient drug rehab may also work well for someone who:

  • Hasn’t previously tried other treatment options
  • Isn’t able to leave their home, or has a supportive home environment
  • Doesn’t require a medical detox
  • Has already completed inpatient rehab or a higher level of care

If you would like to learn more about outpatient drug or alcohol rehab for people in College Park at The Freedom Center, contact us. We can help you learn more about our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs, as well as answer any specific questions you may have.

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