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The Freedom Center is a substance abuse rehab that treats individuals with various addiction types by offering flexible and affordable solutions while minimizing the disruption of daily life. We understand that residential treatment or an inpatient setting may be the right fit for some, but maybe not for those who have school, work, or family responsibilities.

At The Freedom Center, we offer a residential treatment program as well as outpatient programs where clients can live at home or a place of their choosing while receiving treatment. Our goal is to treat all the underlying causes of addiction including trauma and mental health issues.

Key Elements to Our Approach

Our clinically driven treatment model is based on an individualized approach that focuses on the treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders. We provide a completely customized treatment plan designed to meet the client’s individual and unique needs. Our model offers the structured environment of a residential facility, with the flexibility of an outpatient program. The outline of our plan consists of, but is not limited to the following:


  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group counseling
  • Holistic treatment
  • Psychiatric and medical services


  • Academic coaching
  • Vocational support
  • Life skills coaching
  • Legal support/Case management


    • Coaching from a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
    • Introductions to outside support networks
    • Relapse prevention strategies
    • Fellowshipping events


    • Multi-family groups and Education
    • Skills training & coaching
    • Community support groups


    The aftercare program coordinates monthly recovery outings where clients who have transitioned into a recovery-oriented lifestyle have fun in recovery. Our aftercare group meets weekly to provide ongoing therapeutic support to guide you through your recovery journey. This group is facilitated by staff, providing a secure network of individuals all striving for the same goal.

    • Weekly aftercare group sessions
    • Monthly alumni sober activities
    • Follow up call accountability check-ins
    • Periodic referrals and resources for individual needs of alumni
    • Volunteer opportunities and activities
    • Assistance within recovery based fellowships


    This is the 12 step immersion program also offered at The Freedom Center. Here at The Freedom Center, we believe in the value of educating our clients. We teach numerous methods of recovery, one of the foremost being our Recovery Philosophy program. A primary focal point of this approach is that our clients will be educated to understand the 12 steps of recovery. As such, we endeavor to facilitate their spiritual growth as they immerse themselves in this powerful program of recovery.


    Here at The Freedom Center, we are so much more than merely intensive outpatient treatment. Our intensive outpatient recovery program is designed to help individuals improve their lives in a variety of areas, during and after you are in our care, which includes:

    1. Achieving fitness goals and participating in physical & recreational activities
    2. Encouraging healthy habits including the value of nutrition
    3. Time management and organization skills
    4. Vocational training and job searching
    5. Guidance to achieving academic success
    6. Holistic treatment including yoga and meditation practices

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    Break Free From Addiction

    At our substance abuse treatment center in Maryland, we do our best to meet each individual where they’re at. Each person comes with a different mold - a different struggle. The best way we can help them is to offer them care that is unique to their own situation; there is no one-size-fits-all method to substance abuse treatment. This is why individualized care is so important to us. If you or a loved one are interested in finding out more, you can contact us here.
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