Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Near Annapolis, MD

What Is Addiction Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol?

Addition treatment programs are specialized rehab programs to help individuals overcome the physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms associated with substance use disorders. The Freedom Center has 2 facilities – a residential and an outpatient rehab facility.

Residential drug & alcohol rehab provides 24/7 care and monitoring. It is an ideal option for those with severe substance use disorders and those who do not have a safe, supportive, or stable home environment outside of rehab.

Outpatient Rehab is a type of addiction treatment program that doesn’t require participants to stay overnight in a treatment facility. This is the primary way it’s different from inpatient rehab. During outpatient rehab, patients follow an individualized treatment plan, but they return home after treatment ends.

There are varying levels of intensity in terms of Annapolis outpatient rehab programs. For example, some programs might be very intensive and require a significant time commitment each week, while others may only require a few hours each week.

When someone participates in outpatient rehab, it does allow them to remain at home, with their family, and they can continue going to school or work as usual and meeting commitments in their daily life. There is a lot of flexibility that’s part of outpatient rehab, and this can be something participants see as advantageous.

Some of the situations where a person might benefit from an outpatient rehab program in Maryland include:

  • A clinician recommends an outpatient program following a full medical assessment
  • You don’t require a medical detox or the high level of care of an inpatient program
  • You have already completed a higher-level program such as inpatient rehab and you are transitioning into a less intensive program
  • You have commitments in your daily life that prevent you from enrolling in inpatient care, but you do need treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol

Directions from Annapolis to Our Treatment Facilities

To Our Inpatient Rehab

Our inpatient treatment facility is located in Buckeystown, Maryland.

To Our Outpatient Rehab

Our treatment facility is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

There is an option to reach this treatment center from Annapolis either via MD-200 E and MD-32 E. Another option, which can be slightly shorter is to take 1-495 E and US-50 E.

It is a reasonable drive to either of our treatment centers from Anneaplis.

  • From Annapolis to our inpatient treatment center is around 70 miles depending on where in Annapolis you’re located. The drive usually takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • From Annapolis to our outpatient treatment center is around 53 miles or less, depending on where in Annapolis you’re located. The drive usually takes around 50 minutes, depending on traffic.

Contact Us for Residential & Outpatient Addiction Treatment

At the Freedom Center, we specialize in offering residential & outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment including an Intensive Outpatient Program. The goals of our outpatient programs are to help people through flexible, affordable treatment. It’s also important for us that we offer programs which provide for minimal disruption to participants’ daily lives but are effective in helping them stop using drugs or alcohol.

All treatment plans are tailored and individualized to the patient. We understand the important role of individualized treatment plans in terms of improving treatment outcomes. Our professional staff includes Master’s Level primary therapists, as well as other highly qualified addiction and mental health professionals.

Many Insurance Plans Accepted

Unfortunately, people who would benefit from addiction treatment in an outpatient setting often believe they can’t afford it. There are different payment options, however. Outpatient treatment is also a less expensive option than inpatient rehab.

At The Freedom Center, we accept many major insurance plans, and our staff can work with you to determine if your insurance covers rehab treatment, and can work out details with your provider.

Types of Outpatient Rehab


While all outpatient rehab programs share a similarity in that they don’t require participants to stay overnight, there are different specific types of programs. Many of these programs are offered in the afternoon or evening, to help accommodate participants’ schedules.

Day Treatment

As far as outpatient rehab and addiction treatment, day treatment is the most intensive type of program. Day treatment is also called partial hospitalization. During these programs, there is limited flexibility and the time commitment is significant.

During day treatment, patients are expected to participate in sessions throughout the day, and these treatment sessions are often held anywhere from five to seven days a week. Sometimes half-day programs are available.

Day treatment will usually include a combination of treatment modalities, medication management, and treatment for co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

One very common option people participate in is called an intensive outpatient program. During an intensive outpatient program, participants receive clinical treatment based on an individualized plan. The underlying causes of addiction such as trauma or mental health disorders can also be treated effectively during an IOP.

Patients participating in intensive outpatient programs will typically live at home during this time, but they might also live in a sober living facility.

Aftercare and Continuing Care

There are a variety of continuing care groups that people participate in, usually after they’ve completed more intensive addiction treatment. This is a way for people to continue to have a supportive environment, and also talk about the things they’re experiencing in their recovery.

Alcohol Rehab


For someone struggling with alcoholism, an outpatient rehab program can be a good fit, especially if their addiction is shorter-term or milder.

Even if someone doesn’t feel that they have a full-blown alcohol addiction, but they feel they are abusing it, an outpatient program can be a good option.

Some features of an alcohol outpatient program can include:

  • A supportive, safe environment
  • A combination of group therapy and individual therapy
  • The option to participate as part of a transition from a higher level of care

Drug Rehab

Drug addiction and also overdose deaths have been issues that are growing in prevalence and severity in the U.S. Fortunately, help is available. Outpatient drug rehab at The Freedom Center might include:

  • An integrative treatment model addressing not only drug use but also any mental health concerns
  • Options to receive treatment at different times of day to fit the participant’s schedule
  • Holistic treatment options

When you are considering outpatient rehab for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important to look for a center accredited by the Joint Commission. The Freedom Center offers both intensive outpatient care and standard outpatient levels of treatment.

Contact us for more information about our outpatient treatment programs if you’re in Annapolis or nearby. We can answer questions you may have and provide you with important information about Annapolis outpatient rehab.

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