One of the top reasons why many people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction choose to attend an Intensive Outpatient Program (or IOP) at The Freedom Center is the fact that they can continue to work during the day, attending classes at night (or vice-versa if working night shift). IOP is also a fantastic option for those people caught in the grips of addiction who have children that need to be attended to, as there is no requirement to stay overnight in a residential treatment center or rehab. A steady job/paycheck and satisfaction in your career is not only empowering but also essential for your success in the outside world.

At The Freedom Center we have experienced addiction counselors ready to coach you on:

  • resume building on-site
  • interview skills and practice
  • child-raising advice and support
  • many other job-related issues

“Traditionally drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers (or rehabs) centers around the basis that removing the person who is suffering from this debilitating disease is the only way for a successful transition to a sober life. Unfortunately for many men and women who are single parents or working full-time jobs uprooting their daily lives and entering into an in-patient rehab program is next to impossible. This reason, as well as the hope to help more and more people, is the founding spark that helped create intensive outpatient programs just like the one at The Freedom Center.”

The flexible hours of intensive outpatient allow for men and women to either be at home with their kids at night by taking morning classes, or to continue working their jobs during the day by taking night IOP rehab classes. Both programs are custom built from the ground up to ensure a constant and ongoing stream of classes or group meetings for those suffering from addiction or alcoholism, that are unable to quit their jobs or find childcare. Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse isn’t just about avoiding substances that could cause you to relapse. True recovery is about living your life to the fullest, instead of succumbing to addiction and having everything taken away from you. Learning how to balance all the positive things you get back in your life can be a challenge, but at The Freedom Center or specialized staff and counselors can help you along the way as you move towards a life of sober-thinking.

As with anything that is worthwhile and difficult, the process is likely not to be enjoyable or quasi-rewarding at times. That is why The Freedom Center intensive outpatient program for drug and alcohol addiction has specially designed support groups and case management protocols to help you balance finances, family, work and most importantly a happy, but healthy social life. Having some form of structure, routine and responsibility will keep you engaged and confident in your day-to-day life; we also help show how you can begin to give yourself permission to enjoy life again, have sober fun, and try healthy activities you (and your loved ones) can feel proud of. Choosing IOP can be scary when thinking about balancing your job with family life, or just moving back home after successfully completing an inpatient rehab program. Knowing that there are supportive clinicians and individuals, at The Freedom Center, who understand your challenges to sobriety can help you on your path to recovery.