Substance Abuse Treatment Hagerstown, MD

Why Seek Help at a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facility

There are many advantages to going to each kind of rehab. Inpatient rehab gives patients the chance to focus their entire week on recovery. Partial hospitalization programs give patients the chance to wean off of the intensity residential treatment.

Here are the advantages of going to outpatient treatment:

  • Flexibility with time
  • Supportive friends going through a similar situation
  • A safe rehab facility to go to for quiet time and therapy
  • Flexibility with cost

Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Hagerstown, MD

Considering the substance abuse-related numbers in the county of Washington altogether, the number of clinics or centers for rehabilitation is lacking. Most websites won’t list more than 25 centers for Hagerstown specifically. However, that is not to say that the help available in the vicinity of the 21740 zip code area is not valid – in fact, most rehab facilities in the area and surrounding it have great reviews. 

Amongst the possible treatments a person dealing with addiction can get in Hagerstown, most programs are divided between inpatient and outpatient programs, which are the most common service settings. In the city and the cities closeby, you can pick from partial hospitalizationintensive outpatient treatments, and many other choices – so while there is little quantity in the area compared to other cities, there is still great quality.  

Just because you might not find something right by your house doesn’t mean the nearest center is too far away. Besides the few options in Hagerstown, there are plenty of alternatives in a 50-mile radius. If you can make the drive, even major cities like Baltimore provide useful services as well, even if they are a bit farther away.

Hagerstown, MD Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re Not Alone in This Struggle

As of January of 2019, Washington County ranked in third place for counties with the highest number of intoxication deaths related to drugs and alcohol combined. Since the ’90s, studies have shown that a lot of the trends in Hagerstown end up being affected by the trends in the three major states nearby – Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. 

That said, like major cities in Maryland, the county of Washington has been dealing more and more often with overdose and intoxication cases involving the drug fentanyl, which has been taking over since 2016. For Washington County, more specifically, the last two years have been the roughest – with a death toll that went from 27 in 2017 to 52 in 2018.

Another issue to consider that can play a role in addiction rates going up are mental health issues and not just addiction alone. Psychiatric disorders have often been linked to substance abuse, both drugs and alcohol, although it is hard to say which “comes first”. Leaving a mental illness untreated can increase one’s chances of turning to alcohol or drugs. 

For instance, from 2010-2014, more than half of teens in Washington that reported suffering from depression did not receive treatment – this means that, by now, part of them have easier access to these substances, illicit or not. However, when it comes to the demographic that is most at risk, in the entire state of Maryland, white males have been more often reported as lethal victims. While substance abuse has been growing amongst young adults, people over 45 are the ones who have died from it the most.

Directions from Hagerstown to Our Recovery Facilities

Inpatient/Residential Rehab Facility

Hagerstown is a rural area similar to Buckeystown, where The Freedom Center residential rehab facility is located. This gives patients from Hagerstown a chance to get out of their environment but still be in a comfortable setting for treatment.

Outpatient Rehab Facility

Hagerstown is a more rural area than Gaithersburg, where The Freedom Center is located. This gives patients from Hagerstown a chance to get out of their environment for treatment.

In relation to Hagerstown, The Freedom Center is:

  • 30.4 miles away (35 minutes away) from our inpatient rehab
  • 47.5 miles away (50 minutes away) from our outpatient rehab

Our rehab facilities also help patients find sober living that gives them a chance to be roommates with other people in recovery. That being said, being closer to the Hagerstown area is possible.

Contact Us Today for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

hagerstown drug alcohol reatment facility center iop intensive outpatient treatment

If you are seeking help for substance abuse and addiction recovery but don’t know what steps to take, contact us and we are happy to help.

You can reach The Freedom Center at (888) 291-4362 or put your phone number on our website and we will call you.

Our Rehab Takes Most Insurance Plans

We understand that cost is a concern for people who have busy schedules. The last thing we want is to make someone feel that they can’t financially maintain coming to our facility.

During intake, patients are assisted with a treatment plan that helps them navigate cost. We accept many private insurance plans and take that into consideration during intake. This ensures that patients can feel comfortable spending on their recovery into sobriety.

Types of  Drug & Alcohol Recovery Programs

The Freedom Center strives to meet the needs of patients by offering different kinds of outpatient therapy, in addition to residential rehab options. It can be hard to prioritize sobriety with a busy life, which is the main reason why outpatient rehab exists.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Freedom Center Intensive Outpatient Program(IOP) runs three times a week for a few hours.

During these 3 hours, clients can attend sessions about various topics as well as therapy. There is also the option of doing various group activities where clients come together to talk about their experience with addiction.

Continuing Support with Aftercare

The Aftercare Program consists of daily therapy and educational sessions in the evening. Each day focuses on a different approach to sobriety.

This program is beneficial to those who have families because they can still have dinner and spend family time after work.

Learn more about our treatment programs.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Hagerstown, MD

There are a number of options to choose from in Hagerstown as well as in cities and counties nearby, including both inpatient and outpatient service settings. The kind of service setting that is best for you depends on the degree of addiction, family history, and many other factors, so talk to a health care provider to find out which would be the recommended option for your case.

Getting Help in Hagerstown, MD: How to Choose the Right Facility

Choosing the right facility for you comes down to a few items that you must look up and pick from so you can narrow down your options. Service setting, meaning inpatient or outpatient, should be one of the first aspects to think about. Secondly, how long would the treatment have to be, considering it can range from a single month to almost a full semester. And finally, what approach has more to do with your beliefs and lifestyle: a holistic philosophy? A religious mindset? A community-focused method?

Once all that has been defined, you must then figure out how you can afford the treatment you want. If you have insurance or know if Medicaid or Medicare applies to you, it is important to know how coverage would work, because it might be partial. If not, there are still payment plans, loans, grants, and credit card options that can make treatment affordable.

Mental Health Services in Hagerstown, MD

Towns that are going through the social issues Hagerstown is going through commonly report higher and higher cases of mental health issues, and the Washington County town is no exception to the rule. Now more than ever, it is important that residents of Hagerstown look into mental health care and help with addiction – or the number will just keep on growing. On many websites, there are a few dozen psychiatrists located in the town, but many others nearby, so that you can get the help you need.

Hagerstown, MD Recovery Meetings Near Me 

Concordia Lutheran Church, Hagerstown, MD, 21740 (NA, AA)

Saint John’s Lutheran Church, Hagerstown, MD, 21740 (NA, AA)

40 W Church Street, Hagerstown, MD, 21740 (AA)

6 North Mulberry Street, Hagerstown, MD, 21740 (AA)

17310 Gay Street Hagerstown, MD, 21740 (AA)

John Wesley United Methodist Church, 129 North Potomac Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (NA)

After a series of social changes caused by businesses shutting down and the city not keeping up with new, technological advancements, the city has been engulfed by the opioid crisis, and it is hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by it. 

Efforts have been made by the government to attract investors, which many believe could help improve the town and, consequently, the well being of its residents. For now, centers like the Phoenix Health Center are doing their best to provide medication and services to users who seek their help.

Alcohol Rehab With A.A. Meetings

alcohol treatment facility in Hagerstown

Alcohol rehab at The Freedom Center follows the 12 Step Program. The steps were created by the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) foundation. This is an international group formed in 1935 that helps alcoholics recover with a sense of community.

AA holds meetings multiple times a day every day of the week. Some meetings are open to anyone and some meetings are only for members of the coalition.

12 Step Focused Drug Rehab

Just a few years later in 1953, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) was formed. The founder of NA saw the success of AA and wanted to provide a safe space for drug addicts.

Similarly, the program follows the 12 steps to help current and past drug addicts focus on small goals.  The meetings, as given in the name, are meant to be anonymous. No one should disclose anything they learn about other people, as that would violate the point of the meetings being a safe place.

Local Addiction Recovery Resources for Hagerstown, MD

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al-Anon & Al-Ateen

Meritus Health

Dr. Matthew Wagner, MD

Hagerstown Police Department

Help Is Within Your Reach – We’re Here For You

All are welcome and have the right to seek aid in their struggle, no matter how serious or intense it is. Whether you or a loved one find themselves battling against addiction, we are here to help. Visit our website and contact us at your earliest convenience, and we can provide that first step in a journey towards getting clean and healthy again.

A Life Free From Addiction Is Possible

Our admissions coordinators are available 24/7.
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