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What Are the Benefits of Professional Addiction Treatment?

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Of the tens of millions of Americans who reportedly struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, only around 10 percent say they’ve received treatment. Despite those low numbers, it’s important for people to understand the lifelong value of participating in a professional rehab program.

Trying to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own without professional help increase the risk of relapse, and mental and physical health complications.

Benefits of professional treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol include:

  • The setting and environment of a professional rehab program can serve as a stabilizing force in the life of the person participating. Addiction is often surrounded by chaos and instability, and professional treatment can help combat this.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment can be provided in a professional setting. This means underlying mental health conditions can be treated at the same time as an addiction is treated, which is likely to improve outcomes.
  • During professional treatment, a person can learn coping strategies and how to deal with triggers in the long-term, to help them not only stop using drugs or alcohol but remain substance-free after treatment ends.

Along with the value of seeking professional addiction treatment, it’s also essential to take the time to find a facility and a program that’s a good fit for you personally, or for your loved one.

Directions From Cambridge, MD to The Freedom Center

To reach The Freedom Center from Cambridge, MD, you can expect the following:

  • It’s around a 1 hour and 50-minute drive
  • It’s around 100 miles from Cambridge to The Freedom Center

The Freedom Center Is Here to Help

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At The Freedom Center, which is one of Maryland’s leading rehab facilities, we offer innovative, intensive outpatient programs. Our intensive outpatient programs are comprehensive and personalized to the individual’s needs, but they are also flexible and affordable.

Treatment takes place in individual and group settings and sessions can be scheduled in the afternoon or evenings to accommodate work, school or family schedules.

We offer dual diagnosis treatment for underlying mental health disorders, and all of our integrative addiction treatment programs are holistic. We can address a range of participant needs, including nutrition, exercise, stress management and even vocational assistance.

Our goal at The Freedom Center is to provide excellent treatment that’s on par with what’s offered in a residential facility, but in a way that will fit with your lifestyle.

The Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment

There are different paths a person might take in their journey of addiction treatment. Some people, for example, may begin with an intensive outpatient program, like what’s offered at The Freedom Center.

Other people might begin with a higher level of care and then transition into an intensive outpatient program. The following provides an overview of some of the levels of care available in addiction treatment.

Medical Detox

With most substances that people become addicted to, their brain and body also become physically dependent. When you’re physically dependent on a substance such as alcohol or opioids, and you try to stop using that substance suddenly you’re likely going to experience symptoms of withdrawal.

Withdrawal can be uncomfortable, dangerous, and in some cases deadly.

That’s why medical detox is needed for many people who are seeking addiction treatment. During medical detox, patients are monitored by medical professionals. When needed, they can be provided with certain treatments to help reduce complications of withdrawal and also improve their comfort level.

Medical detox is the highest level of care available in addiction treatment.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is also called residential treatment. During inpatient rehab, participants check into a facility where they stay 24 hours a day for a period of time. Short-term rehab may last around 30 days, but residential rehab can also last much longer in some cases.

The days are very structured and scheduled, and patients have to stay in the facility and can receive guests only at certain times.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An intensive outpatient program or IOP is what we specialize in at The Freedom Center. With an intensive outpatient program, there is a high level of substance abuse and mental health treatment provided, but also participants have the ability to manage their schedule independently.

An intensive outpatient program like the one available at The Freedom Center usually includes several group therapy sessions a week, as well as at least one individual therapy session a week, dependent on the clients’ individual treatment plan.

Patients might begin an outpatient rehab program after completing a higher level of care, such as residential rehab. Some people might also start their treatment journey with outpatient rehab, depending on their needs.

Cambridge, MD 12-Step Programs

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Addiction is viewed as a chronic disorder. As a result, most people need to continue with follow-up support after they complete inpatient or outpatient rehab. A 12-step program such as what’s available in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can be excellent options.

These programs are often introduced during rehab. Then, a person can find local Cambridge 12-step meetings after rehab and continue to have a sense of support that will allow them to remain strong in their recovery.

Commonly Treated Addictions

Addiction to any kind of substance can be overcome, with the right treatment. At The Freedom Center, we work with patients who have many different types of addictions. Substance addictions we most commonly treat include:

  • Opioids include prescription pain medicines and heroin
  • Stimulant drugs such as crack and cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines like Xanax

Many times people require treatment for multiple substances at the same time.

The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The cost of outpatient rehab can depend but may be a few thousand dollars for the entire program. Inpatient, residential treatment can be thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the facility and the program.

What many people are surprised to learn is that the costs of drug and alcohol rehab are often covered by health insurance.

Even without health insurance, there are flexible ways to pay for inpatient or outpatient rehab. The costs of treatment are often significantly less than the costs of ongoing addiction.

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