Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Near Salisbury, MD

The Advantages of a Drug & Alcohol Addiction Facility

If you are unsure of which addiction treatment option would be effective for you, we can help you determine which would be best. Both inpatient and outpatient have their benefits. Talking with an addiction specialist and reviewing your unique circumstances is a great start.

Our addiction rehabilitation programs give current and recovering addicts a chance to experience daily life while getting help at the same time.

Advantages of residential treatment options include:

  • Complete focus on recovery
  • Living in a community with others who can relate to your journey
  • Safe home environment

Advantages of outpatient treatment options include:

  • The time to work and spend time with family
  • Making new friends who are also trying to live clean and sober
  • Price flexibility
  • Having a safe place to recover

Directions from Salisbury to Our Substance Abuse Rehabs

Residential Facility

Outpatient Facility

Salisbury is farther out from The Freedom Center, it is:

  • 155 miles (3 hours) away from our Gaithersburg facility
  • 139 miles (2.5 hours) away from our Gaithersburg facility

Being far away from home can be a very helpful aspect of addiction recovery. There are sober living arrangements provided by the Freedom Center that give recovering addicts a chance to live with people going through the same issue

Get In Touch With Us for Substance Abuse Recovery Today

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Getting help for addiction treatment can be a very simple process. With the help of constant support, you are able to call the Freedom Center at any time to ask about the process.

Call us at (888) 291-4362 or leave your phone number on our website and we will return your call.

Most Popular Insurance Plans Accepted

Cost can be a challenge for some patients as they figure out what treatment option works for them. The Freedom Center has staff members that help each patient create a plan. This allows patients to focus on getting the help they need without stressing about cost.

The Freedom Center accepts many different private insurance plans, so cost is usually something that doesn’t cause too much stress on patients. Being that outpatient therapy is not as much of a time commitment as inpatient therapy, it is a popular treatment option for those on a budget, and with work and family commitments.

Types of Substance Abuse Rehabs

Outpatient rehab is very flexible and allows patients to choose how their recovery goes. The time commitment varies, but patients are generally asked to spend multiple hours each day in the treatment center in the morning or night.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) requires patients to come into the rehab facility to receive therapy and other beneficial treatment options.

In addition to group and physical therapy, the Freedom Center IOP offers:

  • Process Groups
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychiatric and medical support
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Legal support
  • Vocational skill

All of these programs are used each day to benefit each patients’ mental health.

Continuing Support with Aftercare

Aftercare is less of a time commitment than the Intensive Outpatient Program. As the name suggests, aftercare is a treatment option that is used after the day is over. It is a safe haven that past or recovering addicts can come to for therapy after a long day.

The aftercare program focuses on taking care of the client’s needs while allowing them to live their daily, normal life.

Alcohol Rehab Facility & 12 Step Programs

Outpatient addiction rehabilitation for alcoholism is centered around community support. Typically, the Freedom Center uses the 12 Step Program to help patients

The 12 Step Program was created by the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson, in 1935. He wanted to create a method for recovering and past alcoholics to come together and talk about addiction.

The 12 Step Program uses small goals for each addict to strive for, with step 12 being freedom from addiction. These goals are discussed in AA meetings, where everyone gets together weekly as a form of group therapy.

Drug Rehab Programs & N.A.

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Drug addiction has become an increasing problem in the United States as we can see from the opioid crisis. Because prescription drugs can be made available and many of them turned illicit, it is important that drug addicts get support outside of rehab.

Narcotics Anonymous was founded after the success of AA, and is founded on the idea of community support through addiction to drugs. NA also follows the 12 Step program, where drug addicts can change their toxic behaviors and reach goals.

Local Addiction Recovery Resources for Salisbury, MD

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al-Anon & Al-Ateen

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Salisbury

Talmadge C. Reeves, MD.

Salisbury City Police Department

A Life Free From Addiction Is Possible

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